"his eyes the bright brown of July fourth sunlight through a tall mug of root beer […] a classic face of such symmetrical proportions, the exactly balanced type of face one dreams of looking down to find smiling and eager between one’s inner thighs."
-- chuck palahniuk, tell-all


I’ve been looking for this baby!

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how am i supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is food

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Anonymous: yo

wats gud




Reasons why my chemistry teacher is the best:

  • she set the table on fire
  • she accidently exploded a bottle in our class and just yelled “hell yeah”
  • she read a smutty fic i wrote about two boys from her class, didn’t tell me off but in fact gave me advice on how  to make it better
  • she likes muse
  • she plays random YouTube vids in class
  • she makes her own booze
  • she set a guy on fire with a lighter and a can of hair spray, at a concert cuz he was in front of her (shes tiny) 

Wow she actually definitely sounds like someone who should probably be fired

she sounds like somebody who doesnt actually exist

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why did nobody ever tell me about Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

this is excellent

ruinedchildhood ruins my childhood every day. im a child.

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chin up lil buddy


chin up lil buddy

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